PatientRounds for iPad, the intuitive, easy to use Electronic Medical Records that make creating, storing and accessing patient information simple, streamlined and effective.

A cloud-based, encrypted, HIPAA compliant EMR for health care professionals

Stored patient information can be securely accessed anytime, anywhere in the world

Simplified and elegant user interface improves the efficiency and quality of patient care

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The main features include: creating and managing patient information, allergies, history and diagnosis; monitor, review and write patients' results; review and write accurate and safer medication; create, view and edit progress notes and orders, and log patients' communications.

Patient Information

Templates allow to create and manage patient's information.

  • General Information
  • Admission Information
  • Emergency Contact
  • Primary Care and Referring Physician
  • Insurance Information

Patient History

Patient History stores the patient's medical information.

  • Allergies
  • Diagnosis
  • Past Medical History
  • Past Surgical History
  • Past Family History
  • Social History
  • Immunization


Monitor, review and record patients' vital signs and results.

  • Vitals Results
  • Vital Edit
  • In & Out Results
  • In & Out Edit
  • Labs Results
  • Labs Edit
  • Microbiology
  • Radiology Edit
  • Pathology
  • Other Results


The Medication Database allows medical professionals to review and prescribe accurate and safer medications.

  • Medication
  • Medication Edit / Database
  • Medication View


Templates and customized phrases allow note taking in a very efficient manner, reducing errors and repetition of routine tasks, and making it possible for physicians to spend more quality time with patients.

  • Physical Exam Template
  • Physical Exam Customized Phrases
  • Review of Systems Template
  • History & Physical Template 1 /
  • 2
  • Progress Note / SOAP Template
  • Consult Note Template 1 /
  • 2
  • Miscellaneous Note 1 /
  • 2 /
  • 3
  • Summary
  • Orders Template 1 /
  • 2 /
  • 3


PatientRounds support communication between patients and family members.

  • Communication
  • Communication Edit

To Do

To Do will facilitate the handover of information from one shift of residents/doctors/nurses to another. The tasks can be prioritized using a color-coded, and will remain visible to the team.

  • Add To Do
  • Choose Priority
  • Alarm Notification

Sharing Patient's Charts

The ability to share, access, update and maintain patient records by different healthcare providers, enables better-coordinated patient care.

  • Sharing Patient's Chart
  • Setting Sharing Time
  • Shared Charts will show in the lower Bookshelf


Signed Notes and Addendums can be printed using WiFi printers.

  • Print Note

Contact Us

If you have any suggestions to improve our apps or are having usage issues, please contact us directly by email.

Please note that although we take great measures to securely and privately store patient medical information, once the information is entered in our apps, according to HIPPA, maintaining their security and privacy becomes solely your responsibility.

We do appreciate your feedback.