MedHealth for iPhone is the ultimate application designed to keep your personal medical and health records in a single, easy to use app.

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Have your medical and health information at your fingertips, available anytime, anywhere, and ready to share with family, healthcare providers, or in emergency situations.

Medical & Health Information

Have your medical and health information always available and ready to share with your physicians.

Emergency Contacts

Have your emergency contact information ready at all times.


Annotate and keep track of your immunizations.

Monitor Pulse

Measure your pulse using the iPhone camera.

Monitor how your pulse relates to your exercise.

Apple Health Integration

Walking/running distance uploaded to Apple would automatically be synced to MedHealth.

Set personal records and keep track of your daily progress.

Blood Pressure

Log, track and share with your healthcare provider your blood pressure readings.

Monitor Weight

Enter your weight on a regular basis and monitor your progress.

Monitor Glucose Levels

Logging your glucose levels is easy.

Monitor your daily glucose and share the data with your doctor.


Always have the list of medications with you.

Push notifications will remind you to take your medications on time.

You will not forget to take your medications again.

Contact Us

If you have any suggestions to improve our apps or are having usage issues, please contact us directly by email.

Please note that although we take great measures to securely and privately store patient medical information, once the information is entered in our apps, according to HIPPA, maintaining their security and privacy becomes solely your responsibility.

We do appreciate your feedback.